Music Grants & Scholarships

(Removed the first sentence to tighten things up). If you’re a dedicated musician who wants to enhance your knowledge in the field of music, you may decide to undertake a music degree at a reputable university. But with the high tuition rates of most colleges and universities today, it’s almost always a necessity to apply for a grant or scholarship.

Music Scholarships around the Country

Finding a suitable music scholarship isn’t difficult because many colleges and universities offer grants funding options (grants and scholarships are different things – you used “grants” here and “scholarships” earlier in the sentence – they are not interchangeable) for their music programs. However, the application process is where you will need to exert most of your effort, since competition is inevitable. There may be hundreds of other applicants who will be vying for the same grant as you. If the institution is only accepting one or two scholars for the program, your chances will be slim.

How to Guarantee Grant Acceptance

How to Increase Your Chances of Funding Approval (new title – you can’t guarantee this).

Given the competition you face, it’s going to be a tough securing free money for music school. However, there are ways that you can increase your chances of getting accepted for the scholarships you applied to. Here are some tips that you can use to get the music grant you’re aiming for.

  1. Enhance your musical background. (Removed Italics: use them very sparingly, as they are tougher to read on a screen. Most of the time, bolding is fine). Learning an instrument or two or enrolling in voice lessons will prepare you for a more rounded musical career.
  2. Engage in extracurricular activities related to music. Join your high school’s glee club or band to gain extracurricular credentials which can be useful for your future musical career.
  3. Apply to as many grants and scholarships as possible. There are many music grants and scholarships that you can find all over the country, including government grants which can be used for almost any type of schooling. There’s no harm in trying, so apply to as many grants as you can find and qualify for.

Music Grants and Scholarships Offered by Institutions

Here are some of the universities and colleges that are offering scholarships for aspiring music students.

  • Biola University Departmental Scholarship

This scholarship is given to art and music majors as well as journalism and physical sciences. It’s a competitive scholarship but all levels of college students are welcome to apply.

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  • Webster University TKT Scholarship

For Webster University college juniors and seniors, the TKT scholarship is granted to those who have achieved a minimum of 3.0 GPA. The recipients are chosen by faculty members and it is also quite competitive.

  • Union University Fine Arts Scholarship

This scholarship is easy to apply to, but that’s also the reason why it’s competitive. It is available for music majors in general music, keyboard instruments, music performance, voice, and opera.

  • Carthage College Fine Arts Scholarship

Another easy scholarship, Carthage College grants this to students who excel in various performing arts such as art, drama, music, graphic design, theater, and communication.

  • The College of New Jersey Music Department Scholarship

This grant is specific to music students only, and it is not as competitive as other scholarships. The department decides which students are given the grants.

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