6 Awesome Pre-K School Grants

pre-k school grantsPre-K school grants refers to funding for the initial formal classrooms that children attend in the United States.

Children aged between 3 and 4 attend these pre-schools to prepare for the academically intensive kindergarten. The pre-k schools replaced the term nursery, which was previously used during the 1990s.

There are a number of pre-K grants available which are financed by the federal as well as the state levels. These grants can be used for operation and proper functioning of the pre-kindergarten schools.

The schools can use the money they receive for renovations and up-gradation of their institutions. There are some set criteria of the granting organizations and agencies which must be fulfilled. Grants, unlike loans are not to be repaid.

The pre-k school grants also fund the tuition fees of the children. Educational loans are another option, but the amount needs to be paid back with interest. Since this is not the case with the pre-k school grants, the parents can help the child complete his/her education.

In this competitive market of today, it is very important that each and every child gets the right kind of education.

6 Popular Pre-K school grants are:

The Jim Joseph Foundation:

Parents of the Jewish successors who require funds for paying the tuition fees of the pre-k schools can definitely benefit from Jim Joseph Foundation. The grant program allocates a sum of more than $1 million every year.

This program which serve Greater Boston, started from the year 2006. One of the parents of the students who are attending the pre-kindergarten must belong to the Jewish community.

Child Care & Development Block Grant:

Those who belong to the low income groups can apply for the grants offered by this program. The grants are sponsored by the Department of Health & Human Services.

These grants offer financial help so that the child can participate in the childcare services and programs.

The grants also encourage parents to make healthy decisions for their kids and offer all sorts of child care facilities particularly when they cannot afford to take sufficient care of the child.

Child Care Grants:

This is a kind of grant offered to the pre-k institutions so that they can upgrade the available facilities, purchase the necessary equipment for receiving license, or change the home center into a large sized building.

The child care centers can ask for an amount up to $10,000.

Annually more than $200,000 is been dispersed to the eligible applicants.

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

This organization is known to offer different kinds of grant programs for classroom renovations as well as for the teachers of the pre-k.

Using Music to Teach Mathematics Grant Program is particularly awarded to the teachers of the pre-K grade to improve the overall learning process.

Annually an amount of about $3,000 is dispersed. The other kinds of grant programs offered by this scheme are teacher professional progressive grants, emerging leading teachers in the pre-schools.

The Verizon Foundation:

This is a kind of foundation which is known to support education system in the pre-school levels. It aims at educating a child and preparing them to reach their goals through technology as well as literacy.

The partners of Verizon literacy include ReadWriteThink.org and Thinkfinity.org. The literacy program supports web based lessons in the pre-k schools.

USAC Grants

offer financial assistance to the pre-k schools as well as the higher educational institutions. This kind of a grant helps in up-gradation of the library and the school infrastructure.

The teachers, students as well as the pre-k schools benefit immensely from these kinds of grants offered.

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