Dental School Grants and Scholarships

dental school grants

Too often, applicants assume that a dental school scholarship is only for students attending a four year university program. However, there are a number of full and partial dental school grants and scholarships available for dental school tuition. Here are a few of the best places to look for support for dental school.

The American Dental Association

The American Dental Association Foundation does as much for pre-professional dentists as it does for professionals. Every year the American Dental Association gives a number of dental school scholarships to students entering dental school.

The dental scholarships are designed to benefit a variety of different types of dental students. Scholarships are available for future dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental laboratory technicians.

A list of available scholarships is available on the American Dental Association’s website.

Deadlines vary depending on the program the application is being sent in to. All applications are to be made through the dental school that the applicant is or will be attending. The amount awarded varies from student to student and depends on need and academic record.

The American Dental Association Foundation is not the only scholarship of its kind. A number of large and small dental associations offer scholarships to dental students entering dental school or pre-dental programs at accredited universities. A quick search of dental associations may reveal a number of scholarships that may be used in conjunction to defray the cost of dental school or university.

Military Scholarships

The Navy, Army and Air Force all offer dental scholarships for enlisted men and women. Once a dental or potential dental student enlists, the military pays their tuition.

Currently enrolled students may also join the military and arrange to have the remainder of their dental fees paid. Enrolled enlistees do not begin their military service or training until their dental training is done. After the course of study is completed, most enlisted men and women must commit to active duty.

In addition to dental school scholarships that offer 100 percent tuition coverage, the military offers enlisting dental students a sign up bonus and often an annual stipend to cover living expenses.
During their enlisted careers, military dentists treat service men and women as well as patients around the world.

Many see it as an ideal opportunity to learn for free and to travel. Military dentists not only work in a variety of environments but they are also exempt from the malpractice suits and insurance that bog down many practicing dentists.

School-Based Dental Scholarships

Most accredited universities offer dental or pre-dental programs also offer full or partial scholarships directly through the school. Scholarships are most commonly made available to students with stellar academic records. Students that are in the top 25 or 10 percent of their class and those that score highly on their SAT stand the best chance of obtaining a full or partial scholarship.

Application for these dental school scholarships is made through the school, often after acceptance into the program. The majority of school-based dental scholarships are contingent upon students taking a full course load. The amount varies from student to student based on merit. These scholarships may be used in conjunction with existing financial aid packages from the school in question.

Dental Scholarships from Religious Institutions

A church may seem like an unlikely place to find a dental school scholarship. But several large religious institutions ear mark a certain amount of their annual donations to dental students. For example, The Scholarship Program of the Academy of LDS Dentists gives out hundreds of awards to dental and pre-dental students who are members of the Church of Latter Day Saints.

Scholarships obtained from religious institutions offer dental students an alternative to more traditional scholarships that rely heavily on academic achievements or a willingness to commit to service. Many dental scholarships from religious institutions choose their applicants based on their service to the church or to their community.

Dental Scholarships from Available Federal Funding

Properly accredited dental schools will be eligible to be funded via current federal programs; Pell Grants, and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants. Applying for either of these grants starts with submitting a Federal Application for Student Aid Form. To learn more about the available federal funding, with instructions on how to file your student aid form online, click here!

In summation…

The best way to find a dental school scholarship is to scour all possible outlets. There are a number of scholarship programs available. When applicants veer off of the beaten path to seek out scholarships they often find smaller applicant pools and larger awards.