Virginia State Grants and Scholarships

Virginia state grants are an ideal way for students in the state to obtain funding for their college education. Students should complete their federal financial aid applications and enroll at an accredited institution. Most scholarship and grant programs will require the student to be enrolled at a university.

In addition, students should complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form early in the year they plan to attend school. The data disclosed on this form is used by federal and state governments to determine each student’s level of financial need, and accordingly, eligibility for a grant.

Some grants and scholarships to investigate…

Junior Achievement Essay

virginia state grantsThis essay competition is sponsored by David M. Rubenstein. Students in the Greater Washington region are eligible to compete for more than $100,000 of scholarship money that is intended to be awarded. The essay competition is open from August 24 to October 31. Students must write 1,000 to 1,500 word essays on topics decided by the scholarship committee. Whichever school has the highest number of applicants will receive an additional $6,000.

Carville M. Akehurst Memorial Scholarship

Started in 2002, this scholarship was created by the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade show. As one of the founders of MANTS, Carville M. Akehurst was a leader in the field of horticulture. He serves as vice-president of MANTS as well as Executive Secretary of the Maryland Nurserymen’s Association of Horticulture. The commemorative scholarship is handed out to students in the nursery and landscape profession. Scholarship winners will receive $1,000.

Bridgewater College Lantz Scholarship

This renewable scholarship is given to students at Bridgewater College. To receive the award, incoming freshmen must have at least a 3.2 GPA. Additionally, students must either graduate from Broadway High School or be members at the Linville Creek Church.

Virginia College Scholarship Assistance

This need-based grant was initiated in 1973. It was created to assist students who are extremely financially disadvantaged. To receive one of these Virginia state grants, students must fill out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the deadline. All information in the application must be completely accurate. Students who attend private institutions must file an additional form known as the Tuition Assistance Grant to receive funding. To receive more information about the Virginia state grants program, students should check out

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Mid-Atlantic Security Traders Foundation

Students who seek to receive this grant must be business majors in their sophomore or junior year of college. The non-profit organization awards a minimum of three scholarships every year of $2,500. One award winner from Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia receive one each of the three awards. Every August, the scholarship announces its award winners. Any money handed out is given to the students colleges in their names.

Students who apply for the award must be studying business, finance e.g: banking and other internation issues or economics. Applicants must be United States students and turn in their college transcript. The award is figured out according to the student’s essay, GPA, personal references and the honors the student received.

Lee-Jackson Educational Foundation

This scholarship award was made to commemorate the military achievements of General Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. Jackson. Anyone applying for the award must be a Virginia high school junior or senior. Each year, the foundation gives out one $10,000 award, eight $2,000 awards and eighteen $1,000 awards. Students must turn in their academic history and an essay detailing the personal traits they have that are similar to the military leaders.

For this award, students are not judged based off of their financial need.

Awards are handed out according to personal qualities and academic merit only. This foundation was started in 1953 and has enabled countless students to attend university. To find out more about the scholarship essay and receive an application, visit

Virginia Commonwealth Awards

The commonwealth of Virginia created this award to help out undergraduate students who exhibit extreme financial needs. Students who want to achieve this award must send in their FAFSA application. Once the FAFSA has been completed, Virginia state residents will automatically be considered for the award. Each award is given out based on the students need.

Students who exhibit signs of greater financial need will receive a larger award. For more information about the award program, students should visit

Guaranteed Assistance Program

The Virginia Assistance Program was started to help financially disadvantaged students attend university. Students that exhibit the greatest amount of financial need will receive a larger grant. State law requires that students be given amounts in accordance with their financial need.

Students who seek to receive the award should be Virginia state residents and be enrolled in school full-time. To show their financial need, students must have completed their FAFSA and turned in the EFC amount to the award program. In addition, students must have at least a 2.5 GPA and be a graduate of a high school in Virginia. To check out more information about the award program, look at

Higher Education Teacher Assistance Program

This award program was established by SCHEV to address the shortage of quality teachers within the state of Virginia. Award money is given out to students who are currently awarded in a K-12 preparation program.

To be accepted into the program, students must be enrolled at a qualified institution and be making academic progress within their degree program. They should demonstrate financial need and be nominated by a faculty member at their college.

In addition, students cannot currently owe money on any educational loans. Any student who is not already exempt must register for the Selective Service prior to applying for the loan. To receive more information about the Teacher Assistance Program, students should visit

Tuition Assistance Grant Program

Another one of Virginia state grants is available to students who exhibit signs of academic merit. Awards are not given out based on financial need. To be eligible for the program, students must be attending a college in Virginia and be enrolled full-time. The award program was created in 1973 and has helped many students since that year to obtain their college degrees. To apply for the award, students should visit their college’s financial aid office for more information.

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