Maine State School Grants and Scholarships

Students who are about to embark on their college careers have numerous Maine state school and college grants of which they can take advantage. Different groups like the Finance Authority of Maine or the Maine Department of Education have listings for Maine state grants. Depending on the student’s academic history, leadership skills and future academic program, different opportunities are available to assist them financially.

State of Maine Grant Program

The main Maine state grants are operated through and by the state. Each student should file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine eligibility for such programs. Once the FAFSA application is received, students will automatically be considered.

To be eligible, students cannot have an Expected Family Contribution that is higher than the maximum. Once they receive the grant, the students must continue to be enrolled at least half-time in undergraduate program. Currently, the annual award amount ranges between $250 and $1,250. To become eligible for a state of Maine grant, and to learn how to submit the FAFSA submission form online, click here!

Tuition Waivers

Children of firefighters, police or emergency medical responders who died in the line of duty can receive a tuition waiver. Additionally, students who were in the foster care program at their graduation can obtain a waiver. This waiver covers all or part of the cost of education at any post-secondary school in Maine that participates in the program.

A Leigh Phillips Scholarship

maine state grants and scholarships for school and collegeFor this scholarship, disabled students will receive $700 after the completion of their first semester of school. Successful applicants often exhibit a history of academic success, leadership and community involvement. Run by the Maine Department of Education, this scholarship is due at the end of March each year. Winners will be notified three weeks after the application deadline. For more information or an application, check out

Captain Robert E. Wallingford Scholarship Fund

For criminal justice and fire science, this scholarship can pay up to $500 toward the cost of school. It is awarded based off of interest in the field and is only given out to full-time students at the Southern Maine Community College of South Portland. Applications must be postmarked by April 15 and sent to:

Michael A. Murphy
12 Jordan Avenue
South Portland, Maine 04106

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Maine Community Foundation’s Scholarship Program

Open to current high school, college and postgraduate students, the Maine Community Foundation offers over 400 different forms of grants and scholarships. Last year, the organization gave out $16 million to students across the state. Each scholarship is separated into the different counties to facilitate the application process. Although deadlines vary for each award, the deadlines are generally from March to July. The application can be found at

McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation

The McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation provides teacher development grants for K-12 teachers. Teachers are offered the chance to learn new strategies and ways to teach critical analysis. After the training is complete, teachers can write about their projects and share them with their peers. The development grant covers a maximum of $10,000 distributed over three years. To be eligible, teachers must apply at by April 15.

Maine Veterinary Loan Program

Maine residents who have already received their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine can have their loans forgiven provided they work for three years in Maine. Students must already be Maine residents for two years prior to starting school and must practice on livestock in areas that lack veterinary services.

Educators for Maine

This competitive and merit based program is designed for future teachers or individuals with careers in child development. The Educators for Maine Program offers loan amounts of $3,000 a year or $12,000 for the entire degree. If the student goes on to work in an eligible program, the loan will be forgiven. As a part of the program, students must attain at least a 3.0 GPA and be Maine residents. If they do not go on to work in the field, they must repay the loan with interest.

John R. Justice Grant Program

Students who have already received a degree in law can take advantage of this school grant program. The John R. Justice grant is intended for state and federal public defenders and prosecutors who choose to be employed in the state for a minimum of three years.

As long as the individual is a state resident and remains at their place of employment, the John R. Justice Grant Program will provide loan repayment assistance.

Doctors for Maine’s Future Scholarship

Any student who has been a resident of Maine and is about to attend one of Maine’s medical schools may be eligible for this scholarship. Each medical school will handle the application process and deadline for the award individually. Students who have attended high school or college in Maine are given priority. Additionally, any student who has parents or guardians who are also Maine residents receive a priority application status.

The award provides either $25,000 a year or half of the cost of school—whichever is less. It can be renewed for up to four years as long as the student is currently enrolled full-time.

Online Resources for Maine State Grants

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