Connecticut State Grants And Scholarships for School

Connecticut state grants and scholarships offer state residents additional opportunities to fund their education. These grant programs can help people achieve their dream of graduating from college.

The government prepares each grant to provide for specific resident needs. Approval always lies with the grant’s governing body. Applicants who demonstrate genuine promise and meet certain conditions may qualify for grants. Unlike loans, students do not have to pay these educational grants back.

Connecticut residents who want to pay less for their education should be aware of the current educational grants available in the state today.

Educational Grants in Connecticut

Educational grants are among the most sought-after government programs in Connecticut. The state’s Department of Higher Education provides scholarships and educational grants for students who want to study but cannot afford to do so.

CT Aid for Public College Students

This is one of the most popular educational grant programs in the state. This grant is open to Connecticut undergraduate students. It provides them with complete financial support at state universities. State residents can apply for this grant after they have submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

To learn how and where to submit the FAFSA form, plus get some details of the form’s specifics, click here!

Capitol Scholarship

This program provides up to $3,000 every year for qualified Connecticut college students who study within the state or in Massachusetts, Maine, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Washington, D.C. Eligible students must graduate in the top 20 percent of their high school class. They must also score at least a 27 on the ACT.

Independent College Student Grant Program

This program is for Connecticut students who wish to continue their higher education at private colleges and universities. It is spearheaded by the Connecticut Department of Higher Education. Students may get up to $8,332 annually if they qualify. They should apply for the same grant every year through their school’s financial aid department. Students should be able to prove their financial need by submitting FAFSA forms. This program is meant to complement the CT Aid for Public College Students grant.

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Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship

This grant is for honor students in Connecticut. Students who wish to apply should have an excellent GPA. Applicants should also have high ACT and SAT scores. They should be active in community service and possess great leadership skills. Eligible applicants can receive as much as $1,500 every year, and it is renewable up to three years. They may use the grant to pay for school fees at any university in the country. However, students must be enrolled in a particular degree program before they qualify for this grant.

Connecticut State University Grant

Connecticut state law authorized the implementation of the Connecticut State University Grant. This program awards eligible students with amounts up to $18,000. Many universities offer this grant, but the amount awarded and application requirements may vary.

There are many other educational grants and scholarships for Connecticut residents. Students may get further details about available grants at