7 Awesome Alabama State Grants And Scholarships

Alabama State Grants

College-bound seniors or enrolled university students in Alabama looking for Alabama state grants to fund their tuition and supply costs have a variety of programs from which to choose.

Some grants are available for any student who needs financial assistance or has achieved a certain level of academic merit.

Other tuition grants are only available for specific students, such as descendants of Alabama veterans or senior citizens.

Alabama State Grants

The state of Alabama offers two particular grants for which many Alabama college-bound seniors or enrolled undergraduate students may be eligible.

Students who fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may each be awarded anywhere between $300 to $2,500 each year from the state or federal government towards their undergraduate education through the Alabama Student Assistance Program.

Awards are based on the financial need of students’ families, and can be applied towards tuition at any of nearly 80 Alabama institutions that participate in the program.

To learn how to apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online, and what to expect from the application, click here!

Alabama Student Grant Program

Students who attend any of approximately fifteen independent institutions participating in the Alabama Student Grant Program, including Huntingdon College, University of Mobile, and Birmingham-Southern College, may be eligible to receive grants of up to $1200 per academic year.

Both half-time and full-time undergraduate students may be considered for this award, but the number of awards given each year is dependent on program funds.

Students can download an application in PDF form from this website.

The state of Alabama offers a few specific higher education grants for veterans or dependents of veterans in addition to the federal benefits they may already receive.

Alabama National Guard Educational Assistance Program

Alabama National Guard members in good standing who are enrolled in or wish to attend an Alabama public postsecondary institution may contact their units to apply for the Alabama National Guard Educational Assistance Program.

National Guardsmen can be awarded up to $1,000 per year towards tuition and books costs, but cannot receive more than $500 per term. Applicants receiving veterans’ benefits are also eligible.

All applicants must obtain signatures from a representative of the Alabama Military Department and a university financial aid officer, and are also expected to pay a cost less aid amount (a portion of tuition paid out of pocket) of at least $25.

Alabama GI Dependents Educational Benefit Program

Spouses and children of Alabama military veterans with partial or full disability may be eligible for the Alabama GI Dependents Educational Benefit Program.

This scholarship covers tuition, fees, and books for an undergraduate program at a public institution of higher education in Alabama. Students should contact the Department of Veterans Affairs in their county to apply, and can access the following website to learn more.

American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship Program

Children or grandchildren of Alabama veterans of World Wars I and II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War may be eligible to participate in the American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship Program.

A student must attend a public institution of higher learning in Alabama to receive an award of $850, which can help cover tuition, board, and other fees.

Applications for these Alabama state grants must be submitted by April 1st, and the award may have more specific residency requirements depending on the student’s chosen school.

Find out more information at this website.

Academic Or Performance Based Grants

A student admitted to or enrolled in Alabama universities or colleges may have a particular talent or caliber of academic commitment which could merit winning a sizable grant.

Students entering or currently attending two-year program at an Alabama public institution of higher education may apply for the academic merit-based Two Year College Academic Scholarship Program.

Alabama residents are generally given higher consideration.

The amount of assistance given will not be more than what the student needs for tuition and book costs for two years of study. However, those awarded grants can apply to renew them if they demonstrate a certain level of academic distinction.

Application dates for the program vary each year, and applications should be obtained through the financial aid office at the applicant’s university or college of choice.

An athlete or aspiring actor or singer enrolled full-time in a junior or community college in Alabama can apply for either of the Junior and Community College Scholarship Programs based on his or her interest, and may receive a grant to cover the costs of tuition and books.

Financial need provides no basis for the decision process; Performing Arts Scholarship candidates participate in competitive auditions and Athletics Scholarship candidates participate in try-outs to demonstrate their talents. Students should contact a financial aid officer at the schools at which they are enrolled to apply.

Alabama Scholarship for Dependents of Blind Parents

Certain Alabama state grants assist students whose parents are physically compromised or deceased and cannot contribute to post-secondary education programs.

A student from Alabama who has a blind parent or guardian and does not have sufficient family income to pay for higher education may be eligible to apply for an Alabama Scholarship for Dependents of Blind Parents.

This grant covers tuition and fees at an Alabama state school for post-secondary education, and students need to apply within two years after graduating high school. Application information is available here.

ACHE Police Officers’ and Firefighters’ Survivors Educational Assistance Program

The children and spouses of Alabama firefighters and police officers killed in the line of duty may be eligible to receive grants from the ACHE Police Officers’ and Firefighters’ Survivors Educational Assistance Program.

These Alabama state grants can be used to pay for tuition, fees, supplies, and books for a public undergraduate program in Alabama, and the award has no limit.

A student must be enrolled as an undergraduate at a public institution of higher education at the time of his or her application for this Alabama State grant.

Applicants should contact the Alabama Commission on Higher Education to obtain an application. Contact info for ACHE is provided at: http://www.ache.alabama.gov/AboutUs/ContactInfo.htm.

Because of the wide variety of Alabama state grants offered and the fact that grant award amounts vary from year to year, college-bound seniors or enrolled students should contact the financial aid office at their institution of choice and talk to officers about their potential grant options.

For example, an incoming freshman who plans to major in education cannot yet apply for the Alabama Teacher Recruitment Incentive Program (ATRIP), through which Alabama university students who plan to teach or work in the field of education can obtain up to $20,000 to cover tuition costs, as it is currently on hiatus, awaiting further state funding.

However, if the state plans to resume funding later in the student’s college career, he or she may be eligible to apply.