Where can Canadians Obtain Funding for Masters Degrees in U.K.?

I want to know more about where Canadian citizens can obtain funding to pursue their Masters Degree in UK especially in the field of Computer Science and Political Science/Anthropology?

Canadian students pursuing their Masters in UK may be interested in the various funding options available. This article introduces you to what’s available…

Canada Student Grant for persons from low income families

Website: http://www.canlearn.ca/eng/postsec/money/grants/glif.shtml

Details: This loan is specifically for Canadian students who are from low income family. The Canadian students have to be enrolled in a course which is at least two years of duration at any institution that is recognized but the Canada Students Grants Program body. The student stands a chance of receiving $250 for every month of study and a maximum up to $3000 per year of the session.

Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund (CCSF)

Website: http://www.canadianscholarshipfund.co.uk/

Due: The applications have to be sent in for the Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund by 8th March every year.

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Details: The Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund is offered to Canadian Citizens who want to pursue academic and artistic study in the United Kingdom. The fund amount that the students receive could range from £500 to £3,000. Students will be intimated if they have been shortlisted and will be called for interviews at London Central in the month of April. This fund is exclusively offered to students who have already started their education in various designated colleges in UK. To avail this fund, the students should be of Canadian origin and have proof for the same. They should be registered and pursuing Post Graduate education in UK. Their course has to be a full time course. What a student requires to do for to avail this fund is that they need to submit a statement of their work that contains details about current studies and other details which does not exceed more than 500 words. Curriculum vitae and official transcripts from the institutions where the students have studied earlier and two references are also required to be submitted.

British Council: Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships

Website: http://www.scotlandscholarship.com/

Details: This scholarship is open to students of Canadian origin. The students, through this scholarship are encouraged to study, work and live in Scotland, UK. This scholarship is awarded to students primarily who are pursuing their masters in the area of science, arts, technology, creative industries, clean and renewable energy and financial services in designated universities. Students receive a maximum of £2000 as a one time award towards their college tuition fees.

Brunel University, West London: Brunel Scholarships

Website: http://www.brunel.ac.uk/

Due Date: 26th May every year

Details: The Brunel Scholarship is available only to students who have a conditional or an unconditional offer from Brunel University. The university offers this fund to promote the brightest talents from around the world for their education at Brunel. This scholarship is applicable to Canadian citizens. The other eligibility criteria for this scholarship is that the students have an offer for a full time masters and under graduate courses, in Brunel. The scholarship offered can vary from £2000 to £3000 and is paid out as a one time award.