Where Can I Find Nursing School Grants Information?

Nursing remains as an under-represented profession, regardless of its very high demand. The medically underserved regions in the country can very rarely meet the demands for nursing professionals. Finding grants to help fund your nursing degree can be a little daunting, but a variety of scholarships are available. For instance…

The HRSA (the department of Health and Human Services) sponsors some valuable grants for the students who wish take up nursing as their profession. The federal government is investing a lot of money for assisting the nursing students to access the grants that are available for those who wish to enter into the health care careers. There is a scholarship for the nursing students who are financially disadvantaged. This is a federally funded program.

Other federal grants for the nursing students are the Nursing Scholarship Program, Nursing education loan repayment, faculty loan repayment and Indian health service loan repayment program. The federal government offers all these grants. You can search and review about the scholarships for nursing students from the online databases. These online databases effectively match you up with a scholarship.

You can also go for the grants that are offered by the state governments, if your state provides one. These state grants are available for students who qualify for state schools. Florida offers powerful education funding programs for the nursing students. Advanced education nursing grants were awarded to four state universities by HRSA. The four universities are University of South Florida, University of Miami, University of Florida-Gainesville, and Florida Atlantic University. There are also grants for nursing students who belong to a minority group.

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Professional grants like Gerontological society of America, American Association of Critical care nurses are also awarded to the nursing students who wish to specialize in a particular nursing field. The Nursing financial grants come in many forms. Even your local library will have a book regarding the scholarships and grants that are awarded for the nursing students other than the regular schools and organizations who provide such grants. St. Francis Medical Center is offering a free RN & LVN program for nursing students.

Pell grants are the most common federal grant for nursing students in the low-income group. These grants can provide up to $5,500 for students who are eligible. Some grants also help students with grants that pay for their accommodation apart from the school fees. The federal nursing scholarship offers up to 250 grant awards and scholarships every year. Universities and colleges are financially supportive towards the students who seek nursing degrees.

Another federal grant worth investigating is the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG).

The first step in determining the your eligibility for either Pell or FSEOG grants is by filling in and submitting a Federal Application for Student Aid form (or a FAFSA form). You can do this online; for more detailed information on both of these grants and how to apply for them online, click here!

Nursing school grants are available to students who have currently enrolled in a nursing school or who graduate from a high school. Researching grant options is a time consuming task but it pays off nicely.