List of Grants offered for a Transitional Living Facility

I am looking for a list of addresses and names of organizations that offer grants for a transitional living facility that serves the recently released persons (both men and women) from prison. These people have a history of alcohol and drug addiction and they are in need of additional treatment. The location of the grant providers can be anywhere in US.

Many organizations are there to help in situations like this. If you need project support, you can broaden the base of the funders by having an affiliation with a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization. In this case, the fiscal sponsor for an individual will be the nonprofit organization. This organization will receive and administer the grant funds.

The Grant Match site allows the grant seekers and the grant makers to register their information like interests and needs, search its database, create proposal listings, find a consultant, and read their articles. Their website link is

SAMHSA have the authority to provide grants to States, Indian tribes, tribal organizations, political subdivision of the states, and other nonprofit private entities that provide assistance to the abuse treatment and mental health needs of people. Their aim is to provide recovery services and the abuse treatment to people, whose lives are affected by the drug and alcohol addictions. They are helping to reduce the drug and alcohol abuse impact on individuals, societies, communities, and families. The type of assistance provided by them is formula grants. For further details, you can log on to

Federal agency SAMHSA are also providing funds for the integrated criminal justice treatment networks. This federal agency is made of an association of criminal justice, mental health care, primary health care, substance abuse treatment, and the allied social services. They are covering three offender populations like juvenile justice populations, adult male and adult female offenders. Each of these networks will have their own strategy to have a link with the existing substance abuse treatment, primary care, and criminal justice partnerships that provide services for the mental health, primary care, public health, and addiction treatment. They are providing project grants assistance. Their website address is and you can visit this website for more information.

In the CyberGrants website, the grant seekers can submit their proposals electronically to the funders who are with specific interests. The grant seekers can directly send their proposal to the funders without any intermediaries. This allows the private and the corporate foundations to have a strategic way in the grant making process with easy-to-use, robust, and safe grant management software. This software makes the age-old method of the traditional paper applications obsolete. You can visit for more information about this grant.

The Care4Free website allows the donors to access a variety of charitable organizations all around the world. The charities can also provide information like the programs and the services they offer. Their website address is

Grants to states to improve management of drug and violence prevention programs are awarded specifically to the state agencies for supporting their strategies testing and development. These strategies should focus on the development, expansion or enhancement of the capacity of the local and the state educational agencies, community based entities and other state agencies to analyze, collect and use the data for improving the drug and violence prevention program quality that are administered in states. Their website address is