Educational Grants & Financial Assistance for Convicted Felons

Are you a convicted felon or have committed crimes in your past but looking to fix your life and get an education? There are some financial grants and assistance avaibale which will help you to reach your goal. Grants and loans are available for you as long as you have not been convicted for a drug-related relevant offence.

Here are some directions describing how to obtain financial aid:

  • First of all get the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, from the school or college registration office or download it online.
  • After filling the FAFSA form make a note on the deadline given in the form and in the FAFSA website. You must definitely show your financial dependency condition along with your financial position to avail the utmost financial aid.
  • Once again go through the FAFSA form to make certain that all information given is correct and the form is completed.
  • Present the form to the address given or present it in FAFSA website.
  • After examining your form, FAFSA will mail you and to the school or college the information about financial assistance status.
  • Here are some tips and warning before you go for a financial aid:
  • If you are declared guilty in drug crime and you are not out in probation or parole you may receive financial assistance provided that you have been drug tested for a year and without any incident. Better have a talk with the financial adviser of the school or college for more information.
  • You save time by submitting the FAFSA online. The online form filling will allow you to examine the status of FAFSA form.
  • Immediately after receiving the notification about your financial aid, make a call to the school or college and confirm whether it has also received the information.
  • Make a note on the deadline of FAFSA and stick to it, because if you miss the deadline your education will be delayed and it will damage your goal.

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Pell Grants: this aid is for people or students who are living with low income. Pell Grants are offered by Federal government to students in postsecondary school based on their financial requirements. Pell Grants need not be repaid. Here is the instruction manual to go for Pell Grants:

  • In order to apply for Pell Grants by felons, login to FAFSA website to fill the FAFSA form through online. This form will enquire about your properties, income and it will also inquire about whether you are convicted for selling or possessing the drugs illegally.
  • If you are convicted for drug possession than you must go for a drug rehabilitation course and after which you will be permitted to acquire the Pell Grants.
  • Make a note of Student Aid Report, SAR, after submitting the form. It will summarize the information that is given in the form.