ITT Tech Grants, Scholarships and Loans Information

ITT also known as ITT Tech or ITT Technical Institute is a leading technical institute and private college in America. ITT has close to 105 campuses in over 37 states of America and they also offer online education programs in close to 48 states in America. The name of this institution has been derived from the parent company’s name, International Telephone and Telegraph.

There are close to 70,000 students who are offered top class education year after year. The headquarters of ITT is situated at Carmel, Indiana.

ITT offers various courses through their 6 different schools. These schools are School of Information Technology, School of Business, School of Drafting and Design, School of Electronics Technology, School of Criminal Justice and School of Health Sciences. They offer several courses online too, which includes associate degree programs, management degrees and bachelor degrees.

There are several grants that are available to students like the Federal Stafford Loan Program, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talents Grant, Federal Pell Grant, Federal Academic Competitiveness Grant and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant who want to pursue their education at ITT click here for more info.

The Federal Stafford Loans are student loans offered to graduate and undergraduate students at fixed rates. They are one of the most popular loans that are offered to students in college and universities. The students availing this loan do not need to make payments while in school. The loans are issued at really low fixed interest rates which is as low as 4.50%. Also depending on the status of the degree and number of years for completion of degrees, the students can avail up to US$20,000 every year. To be eligible for these grants students need to be permanent American residents or citizens of America or they should be attending a school that participates in the Federal Family Education Loan program. Students can avail subsidized and unsubsidised loans under this program. Learn more about the program here!

Federal Pell Grant program is a federal program that is sponsored by the Department of Education of U.S for students who are in need of financial need. This grant is usually offered to undergraduate students who do not have a professional degree or a bachelor’s degree. A maximum of US$5,500 is awarded to deserving students under this grant. The funds can be directly used to pay for the student’s tuition fees. Students have the provision of receiving a maximum of two consecutive grants during a year.

Federal National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talents grant is also known as the National SMART grant which is available to students pursuing their undergraduate degrees an in their third and fourth years of education. This grant can be availed in addition to the Pell grant. A student can receive up to US$4,000 each through this grant fro both the third and fourth years. However the amount that is disbursed when both the grants are combined at any time does not exceed the cost of the student’s education. The students should be a citizen of America or eligible non citizens and these students should have availed the Pell grant during the same year and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale towards the end of the second year of their education.

The Federal students aids program is a part of the US Department of Education. Students who are looking for financial aid to fund their education can visit the Federal Student Aid portal at which offers details on how to proceed with applications for these grants.