I need information about graduate school grants

Graduate school usually requires students to be able to shell out huge amounts of money as tuition fees towards their education. There are several types of graduation degrees available out there, like masters’ degree in varied fields like business administration, medical sciences, education, Ph.D.s so on and so forth.

The fees for graduate degrees are very high and unless the students plan on working and studying simultaneously paying their graduate school fees would be a huge hurdle. However there are several places where one can avail financial aids either in the form of loans or grants. Students can avail these options and sometimes even avail more than one type of aid. Other than this, there is also something known as the graduate assistantships and fellowships that students can use to their advantage

The Graduate teaching assistantship provides students with opportunities to build on their teaching skills. This is particularly beneficial to students looking to pursue their Masters in education. The role also helps students understand the course materials in a better manner and they are offered tuition exemption and also a stipend for this position. Thus putting it simply, you get paid to pursue your gradation degree.

This a great way to fund your way through college as it requires minimum or no tuition fee and day to day living expenses. These teaching assistants are hired by most schools amongst the graduate students to assist the faculty with research work or to teach classes. In return for their services, the school offers the student a stipend; they also cover their health insurance and also pay for their tuition.

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Apart from the financial security that the student receives, the student also gains immense knowledge and have an opportunity to work with some of the most intelligent people in the department. The student also gains a lot of experience in several areas in and out of the classroom that helps them tremendously.

The stipend for a graduate teaching assistant could be anywhere between $6,000 to $15,000 per annum and the students also receiving exemption from tuition fees or they have to pay minimal tuition fees. In Kansas State the students are paid close to $250 for 9 hours of work and they are expected to work for 20 hours a week.

The roles and responsibilities of a graduate teaching assistant is dependant mainly on the school and the professor that the student is assisting. Overall responsibilities could include:

  • Conducting lab sessions
  • Responsible for review sessions
  • Responsible for overseeing the study session schedules
  • Has to help the professor in grading the undergraduate student exams and papers
  • Has to teach in one or more portions of a course
  • Conduct meetings with students and hold normal office hours

To become a Teaching assistant, interested students will have to contact the respective school or department as every school has their own criteria and selection procedure for a teaching assistant. The broad criteria that a school looks out for in a potential Graduate teaching assistants are that they have good academic credentials, foreign students will have to be proficient in English and also have the valid proofs for employment in America. Certain schools also consider the financial need of the student while selecting the graduate teaching assistants. Once a student is selected as a teaching assistant, he or she receives training to bring them to a level where they can perform their roles and responsibilities is a better manner.