How to Get Financial Aid for Graduate School?

Congratulations on deciding to continue your education. In last 10 years the average monetary value for graduate schools has become greater in amount nearly 35%. The importances for financial aid given to graduate school students has increased. There are many types of loans with low-interest rate which are for the graduate students. Some loans will be unique for the graduate students for their study. When one needs extra funds to graduate school, they have two options; one is Grad Plus and Grad Private Loans. The Grad Plus loan is easier to avail and it has low fixed rate. When both Graduate Plus loan and Graduate Private Loan are compared, by taking into consideration the interest rates and the benefits offered, the Grad private loan is attractive than Graduate Plus loan as it is given at a variable low rate of interest. A cosigner is not needed for the Grad plus Loan which is a draw back, because a cosigner is preferred by many applicants.

Subsidized Graduate Stafford Loans:

These loans are granted on the basis of the financial need of the students. An interest is not charged till the repayment of the loan is started. For that period the Federal government will subsidizes the interest amount.

Unsubsidized Graduate Stafford Loans:

In this type, loan is not granted on the basis of financial need. Each and every eligible student can obtain this Unsubsidized Graduate Stafford Loans. Interest will be charged as and when the loan is allotted till the loan is repaid fully.

The facts about the Graduate Stafford Loan:

  • First fill the Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA form. After the form is actioned the school will re-examine the results and inform the students about their loan eligibility. Then they must complete the Master Promissory Note, a promissory note for the loans. This Graduate Stafford Loans has fixed rate of interest.
  • The federal financial assistance, including Graduate Stafford Loan, will not be adequate to meet the graduate school cost. So, to fulfil the total cost avail private graduate loan and graduate plus loan.
  • The freelance students can borrow more; the reason is, they pay the college from their own pocket. All the students will not be eligible for the maximum loan amount, so better confirm with the financial aid officer.
  • This Graduate Stafford Loan is offered to online degrees also. The reason is, these online degrees are available in many educational institutions which accept the federal financial aid. For further details the students can contact the Financial Aid Officer.

Richard Metzler Scholarship:

This Richard Metzler Scholarship is given to the current MBA students who have a career plan in consulting after finishing their education. This scholarship funds are granted by Association of Management Consultant Firms and this scholarship is a one time grant. Applications are admitted throughout the semester period.

Always remember the golden rule for the scholarships; Money flows to the students, never the other way around.