How To Get Boarding School Grants?

Boarding schools education helps children to avail of some excellent educational opportunities so that they can excel in their chosen career path in the future. The education fees in the boarding schools can be astronomical. The fees at times can go up to about $60,000/year.

There are boarding school grants available to help the students financially. The amount of grants to be given is based on the merit of an individual student as well as the financial condition. The tuition fees of most of the boarding schools in the US range from $30,000 to $45,000/ year.

The grants offered to the talented students come from the school directly. The scholarship given, offers significant support for the education of the student. One of the best things about the grants offered is that these unlike loans need not be paid back.

Renowned Boarding School Grants

St. Paul’s School: A more than 150 year old educational institution in New Hampshire with more than 500 students. The school boasts of an experienced faulty comprising of 100 teachers. The education fees in this school are quite high. Students from over 23 countries and 35 states come to attend the school. According to the program of the school, families whose annual income is less than $80,000 are awarded complete scholarship covering the living expenses as well as the tuition fees. The families who fall in this category and wish to known more about the grants offered can contact directly admissions department of St. Paul’s School. You can log into

Phillips Exeter Academy: Established in the year 1781 and is one among the oldest US boarding schools. The school is known to offer more than 450 courses covering a total of 19 disciplines. According to the recent research findings, the estimated cost of the tuition fees is about $40,650/year. It was since 2007, that the educational institution has been offering residency grants to the students admitted in the school. The grants are particularly given to students whose family annual income is less than $75,000 every year. The need based grants which are offered by the school has enabled about 95% of the American families to help their child continue with their studies. To get in touch with the school, you can log into

Groton School is almost a century old today. This school in Massachusetts offers a very homey atmosphere. According to the research conducted in 2010, the students enrolled in the school are required to spend about $47,000 every year as their tuition fees. A total of about 37% of the students in the school are covered under the boarding school grants. The average amount given out as grants is about $31,000. For more about the grants you can log into

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Important Considerations:

It is very important that you realize a simple fact that there are many others who are eligible candidates like you and are applying for the boarding school grants. Thus you must be able to market yourself successfully. You should be able to make a strong case for your academic credentials as well as the financial requirements. The students who are associated with extracurricular activities and community betterment works will definitely get noticed for the grants easily.

Apart from this, the students need to ensure that the objectives of the institution are in line with their individual set goal or aim in life. Understanding of the ideology and incorporation of their own philosophies naturally gives the student a better chance to avail of the grants. Precisely these are some important consideration which must be borne in mind.