How to Find Scholarships for Ultrasound Technicians?

Before we begin our quest to find grants and scholarships to help pay to become an ultrasound technician, one thing to keep in mind is that you might very well be able to use a scholarship that you’ve already obtained for any field of study. It is also usually possible, and even encouraged, to apply for as many scholarships as possible. If you are lucky enough to get more than one, you should be able to combine them, so that more of your educational and living expenses are paid for.

Some employers are also willing to help you go to school by some portion of your schooling. In some cases, you will be required to pay for your classes, keep your receipts, and pass your classes. When you’ve gotten your grades back, then you would have to submit your records to the company. They would then pay you back. If you are a minor or dependent child of someone who works for a company, you should still check to see what is offered. It may be a pleasant surprise to see how many employers offer scholarships for Ultrasound Technicians, even for extended family members.

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Ask the Financial Aid office AND the Head of the Ultrasound Technician Departments at School

The first place you should talk to, after you’ve been accepted into the school you have chosen, should be the financial aid office. At most schools, there is a list, book, or website that offers all of the scholarships. Not all of them will be based solely on your grades, and they will not all be needs-based, either. It would probably be a good idea to comb through the listings, and then to apply to as many scholarships as possible.

Asking administrators or teachers about scholarships for Ultrasound Technicians might help you as well. There may be a former student who has established a fund just for people like you, and you will never know about it if you do not take the time to ask.

The Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers Educational Foundation

The Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers Educational Foundation has scholarships available to qualified students each year. If you live in the United States and are attending, or plan to attend a school that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health education Programs, you may be eligible. For more information on how to apply, their website can be found at:

Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholarship

The Jerman-Cahoon student scholarship is available to qualifying students. If approved, you could receive as much as 2,500 dollars each year. In order to be considered, you will need to be a current member of the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, be financially needy and have been accepted to an approved sonography program. If your school does not have the application information, a website with more information on the scholarships is here:

If you can take the time to look into all of your scholarship options, you may be able to fund some or all of your education. It is very possible that you will be able to get the funding you need, so that it is not necessary to delay your schooling any longer. Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a college fund, why would you want to pay for your training out of pocket if you don’t have to?

Federal Grants

Don’t forget to investigate the main Federal grants; the PELL grant, and the FSEOG… both of which you learn more about on this site. Don’t forget to submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (or FAFSA) as it’s the gateway application for most relevant Federal and state level needs based grants.