Where can I get a complete list of scholarships and grants that is applicable to me?

I am a female of 25 years of age. I belong to a non-minority group. I am a competitive applicant from a very good undergraduate institution, with excellent grades and test scores. I am doing Neuroscience doctoral program and currently I am doing my third year. I want to know about the grants for which I can apply for the next couple of years. I would prefer both private and government grants especially smaller dissertation grants.

Grantsnet.org is a very good website that helps and provides online grants resources for undergraduate students. Other databases like fatomei.com, the Foundation centre, Cornell funding database, Columbia funding database, MSU listings, and fast web are among others. These databases provide information about public and private grants.

Braintree offers a fellowship program to encourage young investigator’s independent research. Their aim is to increase the research opportunities for youths who are trained in neuro-biological investigation. Neurobiological approaches support computational approach to neural system, cellular & developmental neurobiology, cognitive neuroscience, neuropharmacology, neuroanatomy, integrative neuriethology and neurobiology, membrane biophysics and neurophysiology. Recipients who are close to the PhD award can alone apply for this grant. The award period is 14 weeks. Stipends like support for investigator, dependent children, and spouse for one summer at Marine biological lab, Woods Hole, MA.

Expenses like domestic travel expenses, equipment. Housing and board, and research space are also included. For more information, you can log on to www.grassfoundation.org.
The department of energy offers computational Science Graduate Fellowship. The deadline for this program varies every year. Graduate students who are in their first year or second year of study, and exceptional senior undergraduates meeting all the essential requirements are eligible for this program. This fellowship includes full payment of fees and tuition, $2,500 for your computer workstation, $1,000 research allowance, and $2,100 monthly stipend. This is open to both Non-US and US citizens. You can visit www.krellinst.org for more information regarding this fellowship.

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Google awards the Anita Borg Scholarship in the memory of Dr. Anita Borg. This scholarship is awarded based on the demonstrated leadership and the academic background of the candidates. A few female graduate and undergraduate students will be picked from the applicant pool. The selected recipients will receive an average of $10,000 scholarship. The selected finalists are invited to Google headquarters for a visit. It provides an opportunity for them to meet and share their experiences. It includes workshops with social activities, breakout sessions, panelists, and speakers. www.google.com/anitaborg provides more information.

American association of university women offers selected professions fellowships in science and technology. Women who intend to do a full time course in accredited institutions in a designated degree program can go for this program. It is offered to applicants who are permanent citizens or U.S. citizens. Students pursuing medicine and masters in engineering are not eligible to apply for this fellowship. However, it is offered only for the final year students. Women students doing masters of engineering can apply for first or final year of their course. Log on to www.aauw.org for more information.