How Can I find Grants for for My Daycare Business?

Grants for Daycare Business

Looking for grants or funding to finance a home day care business? Here’s what’s available…

The Child Day Care Program

The Child Day Care Program offered by NASBE gives grants to accredited people in private sector who wish to start a day care centre. A few states offer special loan programs for helping the childcare programs. They provide immediate funds at an affordable rate.

For example, Cascadia Child Care Fund program in Washington and Oregon offer such loans. The best way to locate finance for the childcare program is to seek loans and gifts from friends and family, obtain counsel from women’s associations and local small business, look into bank loans, get incubator organization’s advice, and obtain venture capital.

Some of the federal funds available for the non-profit childcare organizations are listed below:

Childcare and development funds are offered for Territories, states and the federally recognized tribes. These tribal organizations should provide childcare for the low-income families in their community. It increases the quality of childcare and the affordability. It is also aimed at improving the development services.

The 21st century community learning centre program provides $450 million funds through the U.S. Department of Education.

This is given to the inner city and the rural public schools for addressing the educational needs of the children in their community. covers the grants process of the ED grants awarded by the US  Department of Education.

The Foundation Center

The Foundation Center provides information on corporate and foundation giving.

This is an independent, national service organization. You can search the childcare related funds in their website by typing childcare grants in their search zone.

A list of community foundations broken by state can be obtained at the Foundation Centre website.

Future of Children provides financing strategies and funds for the childcare centres. They also examine the possibilities of the new alternatives. For more information about their grants, you can visit the communities, families, and children section in their website.

The Child Care Partnership Program

 Grants for for My Daycare BusinessThe Child Care Partnership Program provides technical assistance and information to build partnerships that improve the supply, quality, and access to the childcare for the working families. The Child Care Bureau established this project. Finance Project carried out the Child Care Partnership project.

This is done in collaboration with the National Governors Association, Work Institute and Families. National Children Facilities Network is a non-profit financial organization.

They provide technical assistance to the intermediaries involved in the different stages like planning, developing, and providing financial facilities to the low-income childcare centres.

Small Business Administration office may provide you the information about the local contacts, which can finance for the childcare centres. Special initiatives are available for helping the women owned financial centres.

These initiatives are done through SBA (Small Business Administration).

If you serve a group of employers who are in your community then you can ask the companies and the professional organizations that are associated with them. They may also offer assistance for your program development.

Community service organizations like college sororities and fraternities, Junior League, Kiwanis, Rotary and Lions may also help your project. You can get their contact information from the yellow pages under “Clubs.” A list of fundraising organizations and counselors can be obtained at the local yellow pages. They provide information about the organizations, which can provide technical assistance to find the best childcare center funds.