Financial Aid for International Students Studying in USA

Some U.S. Banks will furnish loans to international students provided that if the loan form is co-signed by permanent resident of U.S. or by a responsible U.S. citizen. Following are some types of loans for international students:

Canadian Higher Education Loan Program,[CanHELP]:

CanHELP is a type of loan for the students of Canadian university and college, to continue their study in U.S. and in other registered schools all over the world.

Global Student Loan Corporation, [GSLC]:

GSLC is a type of loan given to international students which does not require a permanent resident or U.S. citizen to co-sign the form for loan. GSLC functions with the banks and financial institution which are in student’s country to offer financial aid for education.

International Students Loan Program, ISLP, and Study Abroad Loan Program, SALP:

By availing ISLP the international students can study in approved U.S. universities and in college. But SALP is given only to the U.S. students to study in foreign countries.

Massachusetts Educational Authority,[ MEFA]:

This MEFA loan is offered to the international students who attend one of more than 80 active colleges and universities located in Massachusetts. The students of Canada can get loan without a U.S. co-signer, but a U.S. co-signer is needed for the students of all foreign countries. The full cost for education can be borrowed by the family of students with the fixed interest rate. The repayment of the loan is 15 years and no penalty is charged for prepayment. As MEFA is a non-profit and it is exempted from state and federal tax, it is able to give loans at a low rate of interest.

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Norwest Bank:

This loan is given to the international students to have medical study and to graduate business.

The Education Resources Institute, TERI:

The TERI Professional Educational Plan, PEP, loan is given for professional study and graduate. The fees and interest rates will change depending on the loan lender.

Regarding MBA, there are full-time MBA program, Part-time and Online MBA program. The full-time MBA is for those who are willing to have two year on-campus experience and wants to concentrate their knowledge and skills in a specified area of business.

The part-time and online MBA program is one among the most effective ways to move forward the student’s knowledge in business and skills although balancing the requirements of the on-going career.

Applying to a college and working through the process for financial aid may be discouraging. There are experts who will clarify the doubts in financial aid, the way to go in search and apply to a college. The details about the courses and financial aid are presented in online format so that one can select the course by their own.