BG (Brandon Goodman) Scholarship

BG scholarship is a memorial scholarship set up in the memory of Brandon Goodman, Aug. 30, 1980- Dec. 20, 2003. This Scholarship is for all students and is completely free. The requirements are set so everyone can apply. We require that the student is going to school and holds a 2.0 GPA. When they go to the website, and fill out the online application, the student must write a short essay about their goals and how they impact their school or community.

The award that the BG scholarship offers is $400 and is distributed on a monthly basis. The deadline will always fall on the last day of each month and the winner is announced on the 15th day of the following month. All monies will be distributed to the school of the winning student and deposited into their account. Students will receive a certificate announcing them as the winner of the scholarship. The photos of the winners will also be displayed on the BG scholarship website.

We at BG scholarship are committed and passionate to keep the memory alive of Brandon Goodman, by providing and supporting students with financial support for their educational needs.