Are There Grants Available For Equestrian Schooling?

It may be discouraging when you think of the costs associated with obtaining the higher education which is essential in furthering your career. The good news is that grants are available for all equestrian schooling provided the school you are investigating is properly accredited.

The opportunity for free funds or free grant money for your equestrian education will come mostly from federal funds or grants. After completion of graduation, federal grants need not be paid back.

There are two main federal grants. One is the Pell Grant and the other one is the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG).

We have complete articles on both of these grants.

To determine if you are qualified for either grant, you must first fill up the Free Application for Federal student Aid (otherwise know as FAFSA) form. You can do this online.

You must be straight forward and honest while filling this form.

If you prefer not to do this online, you can get a copy of the form from your college or high school or you can download a copy from FAFSA website. The you will need to mail in the form after completion.

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If you choose to complete and submit the form online, you should get a PIN number after submitting. Based on the data which you have provided in the form, the government will use the included information to determine the amount you are entitled to.

It uses something called the Expected Family Contribution to do so. The EFC is the amount your family will be able to contribute for your schooling and tuition costs and the government determines this amount by analyzing the financial data included in the application. That information is then passed to school you have selected.

The government may cover all, or a portion of your equestrian schooling. It will be up to you to make up any short fall – either by paying the difference yourself, or investigating other school grants. In the case of equestrian schooling, it may be a good idea to first approach the institution you are considering to determine whether they have any programs relevant to you!