13 Grants and Scholarships for MRI Technicians

Many grants and scholarships for MRI technicians are available through the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT). Analysts at the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expect abundant employment opportunities for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technicians until the year 2020.

Financial aid helps aspiring technicians meet rising tuition costs.

American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) Scholarships

ASRT offered eight scholarships for the 2012-2013 academic year with a combined estimated value of $200,000 United States dollars (USD). Awards are available for entry-level and advanced studies. Grants help technicians create groundbreaking research projects. Applicants must display strong leadership and industry commitment in addition to demonstrating financial need.

  • Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholarships awards $2,500 USD to five entry-level MRI students.
  • Royce Osborn Minority Scholarships provides $4,000 USD to five entry-level students.
  • Professional Advancement Scholarships assists technicians completing a second certificate or degree program.
  • Professional Research Grants up to $10,000 USD fund MRI research projects lasting no longer than two years. Applications are due in March and August.
  • Research Seed Grants up to $3,000 USD assist technicians with starting preliminary studies lasting no longer than one year. Application deadlines are in March and August.

Corporate Scholarship Awards

Radiology companies also offer scholarship awards to budding technicians and technologists. Applicants must have a minimum grade point average and United States (U.S.) citizenship or residency. Some companies grant funds with the assistance of ASRT board members.

  • Elektra radiation therapy awards $5,000 USD to four entry-level students with a 3.0 GPA. Applications are due February 1.
  • Varian scholarships of $5,000 USD go to 19 students entering certification through graduate-level studies.
  • Siemens USA offers $4,000 USD scholarships to four students pursuing MRI certification.
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    Institutional Awards

    Most MRI training programs offer scholarships to incoming students referred to as in-house awards. Administrators grant awards to students with strong academic performance who seem likely to make substantial MRI industry contributions in the future. Scholarship essays require applicants to display strong writing skills.

    • The University of North Carolina (UNC) offers allied health scholarships that cover tuition and student living expenses.
    • Missouri University awards $500 USD to qualifying MRI students.
    • Armstrong Atlantic State University grants $250 to $1,000 USD to qualifying students through the Donald Starr Radiology Scholarship.

    State-Specific Programs

    Two awards focus on students attending California State institutions. The Ruth McMillan Radiography Grant awards $500 USD to students who display leadership potential combined with impressive academic skills post here free entertainment. Anna B Ames Clinical Excellence Awards of $500 USD go to students who exhibit strong clinical abilities and strong leadership skills. Visit thelockboss.ie.

    Financial awards permit MRI students to change the world and improve their lives. Membership in professional organizations grants access to a variety of additional resources. Grants and scholarships for MRI technicians help students achieve academic goals without a mountain of debt.

    Federal Pell Grants and Applicable State Programs

    The Federal government provides several need based grants (which are awarded on the basis of income). The most well-known of these is the Pell grant, which can pay between $500-$5,500 depending on your financial need. While not everyone gets approved for a Pell grant, it costs nothing to apply, so it’s recommended that you do so regardless of your income status (by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – more details here!)

    When you consider that eligibility for many relevant state-based grants is based on the information provided in the FAFSA as well, submission becomes even more important. Remember, some states may offer incentive programs to entice students into certain medical fields for which there is a dire need of professionals. These grants may not necessarily be need based, or distributed on basis of income. Visit inhismind.net.

    Learn more about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid here!

    Investigate available state-specific grants here!

    Grants and Scholarships for Dental Hygienists

    A number of professional organizations offer grants and scholarships for dental hygienists to complete their education. Most programs require enrollment in an accredited institution prior to initiating the application process. Job corps offers free dental hygienist training to individuals 16 to 24 years of age who meet specific income guidelines. All information is current as of November 2012.

    American Dental Hygienist Association (ADHA)

    The ADHA offers approximately 13 cash scholarships in amounts ranging from $1000 to $2000 United States dollars (USD). One non-cash scholarship has an approximate value of $1000 USD. Most programs require students have a 3.5 grade point average (GPA). Applications are due February 1. Sample scholarship awards include:

    1. The Carol Bauhs Benson Scholarship awards $1000 USD to one student from jewelrystoresd.com website, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin who pursues entry-level certification or an associate’s degree.

    2. Dr. Esther Wilkins started a scholarship fund granting $1000 USD to one individual obtaining an advanced dental hygiene degree.

    3. Colgate provides $1,250 USD for two minority students obtaining entry-level certification.

    4. Karla Girts Memorial Community Outreach Scholarships offer $2,000 USD for two students with 3.0 GPAs to complete associate or bachelor degree studies.

    5. Hu-Friedy / Esther Wilkins Instrument Scholarships allow five recipients pursuing certification, associate or bachelor studies to select $1000 USD worth of dental hygiene equipment.

    National Dental Hygienist Association (NDHA)

    NDHA scholarship applications are due March 15. The historically African-American organization offers $800 awards specifically for dental hygienist studies. This might require financial help, Contact https://www.timbercash.co.uk/. Five scholarship categories require students to have a minimum 2.5 GPA and current NDHA membership.

    1. First and second year dental hygiene students each have their respective categories.

    2. A Mary Hawkins award goes to a student living where the NDHA decides to hold its annual convention (changes annually).

    3. Non-traditional students enter first or second year hygienist studies with a background in unrelated subjects.

    4. Albretta Merit awards go to a deserving candidate who just missed qualifying for previously listed scholarships.

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    Hispanic Dental Association (HDA)

    HAD has three scholarship opportunities available to dental hygienist students with current memberships. Applicants must be legal residents of the United States. Mid-July marks the application deadline.

    1. Colgate-Palmolive provides up to $10,000 USD for dental hygienists looking to complete graduate-level studies.

    2. Hispanic Dental Association Foundation (HDAF) Scholars Awards grants $1,000 USD to first-year students.

    3. Dr. Juan D. Villarreal awards between $500 and $1,000 USD to students who study within Texas State.

    Department of Labor Job Corps Program

    Job Corps offers free dental hygienist training to young adults from low-income households. The United States Department of Labor started the program in 1964 to combat increasing poverty rates. 48 states and United States territories host 125 centers. There is no charge for food, lodging or health care. Dental hygienist training requires 8 to 12 months for completion. Check d3 home.

    To pass the course students must obtain their high school diploma. Students receive certifications in radiation health and safety (RHS), infection control (ICE) and general chairside (GC). Job Corps’ official website indicates RHS and ICE certification are enough for employment in many states. An extensive post-graduate support system offers valuable leads on employment opportunities.

    Scholarship opportunities exist for recent health care industry arrivals and veterans seeking career advancement pinstaporn.com. Additional funding options are waiting to be discovered. Combining private grants and scholarships with state funds substantially reduces debt incurred by aspiring dental professionals.

    Federal Grants

    If you’re on the hunt for money for school, then you will definitely want to make sure applying for the main Federal grants (the Pell grant and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant) is right at the top of your list. These grants are need-based, which means they are awarded on the basis of financial merit. Depending on your financial status, the payout can be quite lucrative; currently, the Pell grant pays out as much as $5,500 per year.

    Applying for the Pell grant is easy – just submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Complete details on where to get the application and what to expect from it can be found here!

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