Psychology/Psychologist School Grants and Scholarships

What draws many individuals to careers in psychology is the fact that they provide their professionals with multiple opportunities to study, examine, and treat in the compelling areas of human behavior and development. Those careers are enjoyed by assistants of psychology, behavioral therapists, addiction counselors, forensic psychologists, developmental psychologists, researchers, and educators to name a few.

For the most part, those experts possess at least a bachelor’s degree and/or a master’s degree in a psychology related field. The biggest disadvantage of any certificate or degree programs in this field is that they can be costly to pursue. Luckily, there are numerous scholarship and grant options that are available to psychology students of all academic pursuits.

Without a doubt, those options represent some of best funding opportunities for eager scholars of all psychology degree programs.

Best Grants and Scholarships for Psychology Students

National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Overview: The National Institutes of Health (NIH) offers scholarship opportunities to psychology students who possess financial need.

Qualified Applicants: Qualified applicants for this scholarship opportunity must be undergraduate students who come from disadvantaged families or living situations. Those students must also agree to engage in a research laboratory that is endorsed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) each summer.

Funding Amount: Each of these scholarships rewards qualified applicants with up to $20,000 per year.

Cappex Psychology Scholarship

Overview: Cappex offers undergraduate psychology students the Cappex Psychology Scholarship, which is provided through this company’s online website.

Qualified Applicants: Qualified applicants for the Cappex Psychology Scholarship must possess the following prerequisites: enrollment in an undergraduate psychology degree program, evidence of participation in extracurricular activities and community service, and a completed profile on Cappex’s website. Visit .

Funding Amount: Psychology students who meet the prerequisites mentioned above are rewarded with $1,000 to help fund their degree programs.

Daughters of Indian Wars Scholarship

Overview: This funding opportunity is provided through the Continental Society of Daughters of Indian Wars. This association’s main goal is to encourage the educational advancement of female members of Native American tribes.

Qualified Applicants: Qualified applicants for the Daughters of Indian Wars Scholarship must acquire the following: Native American descent, financial need, current enrollment in an undergraduate degree program for psychology, and a GPA of at least 3.0.

Funding Amount: The Daughters of Indian Wars Scholarship provides qualified applicants with $1,000 to help pay for their psychology degree programs. Find relationship intimacy coaching near me .

 APF Graduate Student Scholarships

Overview: The American Psychological Foundation (APF) grants 16 scholarships per year to graduate students in the field of psychology. Those scholarships include the following: the Harry and Miriam Levinson Scholarship; the William and Dorothy Bevan Scholarship; the Ruth G. and Joseph D. Matarazzo Scholarship; the Clarence J. Rosecrans Scholarship; the William C. Howell Scholarship; and the Peter and Malina James and Dr. Louis P. James Legacy Scholarship.

Qualified Applicants: Qualified applicants for each scholarship opportunity must possess current enrollment in a master’s or doctorate-level degree program in psychology. Those applicants must also obtain a plan for research and advancement in the field of psychology.

Funding Amount: Each scholarship that is offered by the American Psychological Foundation (APF) varies between $1,000 and $5,000.

Gallagher Koster Health Careers Scholarship

Overview: Each year, the Gallagher Koster Organization of the Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. provides undergraduate students with the Health Koster Health Careers Scholarship to help fund their psychology degree programs.

Qualified Applicants: The most important prerequisite that qualified applicants for this scholarship must possess is financial need. In addition, those applicants must be in their second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth year of undergraduate study.

Funding Amount: Each Gallagher Koster Health Careers Scholarship consists of $5,000.

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National Pathfinder Scholarship

The National Federation of Republican Women grants three National Pathfinder Scholarships per year to women who pursue undergraduate or graduate degree programs in psychology or other fields. This scholarship opportunity was created in memory of First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Qualified Applicants: Qualified applicants for this funding opportunity must be women who are currently enrolled in either a master’s degree program or their second, third, or fourth year of a bachelor’s degree program. Check the locksmith boss.

Funding Amount: The National Pathfinder Scholarship is rewarded to qualified women in the amount of $2,500.

Government Need Based Grants

Of course, no one on the quest for money for school should ever ignore the available need based grants (like the Pell grant, for instance) provided by the government.

“Need based” means the grants are distributed on the basis of financial need. In other words, your income – or that of your parents (if you’re a high school grad) will be the factor that determines whether or not you will be eligible for a grant, and if so, how much.

Of course, the main federal grants are not specifically for Psychology/Psychologist schools, but that does not mean the funds from them cannot be applied towards a degree in this field.

Applying for available Federal grants is easy and free; just submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Most state governments use the data from the FAFSA to determine eligibility for available state grants, so by submitting this form, in most cases you are applying for all available grants at both the state and Federal level. To learn more about state-specific options to fund your post secondary education, please click here!


Pharmacy Technician Grants and Scholarships

Although the training required to become a pharmacy technician is relatively brief – usually a 8-12 month program is all that is necessary –  paying for school can be difficult.

This is true for everybody, but is especially so if you are a working adult with existing responsibilities (like rent, car payments, mortgage, etc). It’s hard to pay for all those things, plus your schooling.

And worst of all, you probably won’t be able to keep your job while you take your course. That all adds up to additional financial strain.

So how do you train for a better paying, more secure job?

Well, lucky for you there are numerous grant and scholarship options available to make life easier.

A little background information: Pharmacy techs play a largely administrative role in the drug store; assisting customers, answering the phones, monitoring inventory, and so on. In short they perform the sort of jobs that best leverage the pharmacist’s time. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median salary for this professional to be $28,400 or $13.65/hour. Long term job viability is very good; between the period of 2010-2020 a 32% increase in employment is expected – slightly less than 110,000 jobs.

Federal Grants

The main Federal grants (the Pell grant and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant or FSEOG) are avalailable to all eligible citizens to help fund their schooling, regardless of what career they happen to choose (the course muct be taught at a properly accredited institution, of course). So it doesn’t matter whether you want to become a doctor, lawyer, dentist, police officer or whatever, these funding options are available to you.

Appying for these grants is easy; just submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Complete details on where to find that form and what to expect from it can be found here.

Additionally, submitting this form will also automatically determine your eligibility for any available state grants, should that option be applicable in your area. Submitting the FAFSA is the easiest, “no-brainer” way to obtain funding for your career, and we highly recommend you do this before you do anything else.

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Job Corps

pharmacy technicianJob Corps is the US Department of Labor’s career technical training and education program. It provides free training and a monthly allowance to eligible students over 16 who meet low income requirements. Job Corps does offer a training program for pharmacy techician, so this is definitely something you will want to investigate, especially if you do not make much money.

If you want to become a pharmacy technician for free, and get paid while you train, this is the option for you!

Grants And Scholarships Specificially for Pharmacy Techs

Several associations, companies and organizations offer grants specifially for this career. These include…

Bi-Mart Pharmacy Technician Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the Bi-Mart corporation, which has over 70 stores in 3 states. This award totals $500 which is to be applied towards education costs, and between 2 and 4 are awarded each year. More details can be found here!

NCPA J.C. and Rheba Cobb Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the National Community Pharmacists Association. It is specifically to be awarded to a student pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician, and pays a one-time benefit of $2,500. Eligibility requirements are as follows; the student must registered in a full time program in this field, as well as maintain a membership in the NCPA. Applicants are judged according to a number of criteria which include academic performance and leadership qualities.

More information can be found on the official web site.

American Pharmacists Association Foundation (APhA) Scholarship Program

The APhA offers ten $1,000 scholarships annually to deserving students studying to become pharmacy technicians. To be eligible, you’ll need to be enrolled as a full time student in this field, and be a member of your local APhA student chapter. More information about this scholarship can be found online at

General Programs for Health Related Careers

In addition to available funding options from federal sources and associatons, there are also “general” health program grants and scholarships which can be used for many healthcare related careers, including this one. Many of these are available on the state and local level, so be sure to investigate the options in your own community to see what is available (also check our listings of grants and scholarships by state to check your state’s options).

With a little luck and a bit of elbow grease, you’ll find your way to funding your new career as a pharmacy technician!

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